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Imagine having the opportunity to build a brand new church in an iconic space and the capacity to establish deep roots in the city? Facilities are a vehicle for making a difference and God is moving us into a brand new season of impact here in Columbus. 

Nuvo is in the process of  securing a new facility to meet. Over the last 3 months, we discovered that we would be transitioning away from our current venue and have been discerning where we will go NEXT. During this time, God has opened doors for us, but one in particular has stood out that we feel led to pursue. 

The building was formerly La Scala in Dublin, Ohio. We are mid-way through the process of securing this facility and working to be in it by Easter of 2022. 





  1. PRAY BOLDLY: Join us in praying that God would allow us to secure the facility, renovate it by Easter of 2022, and clear a path for us as we take steps forward. 

  2. MOVE TOGETHER IN FAITH: To get the La Scala building ready for Easter it will take all of us locked arms and moving forward together. From the time of the announcement, we have 56 days to raise $85,000 for renovation and then to do the work to get the building ready.

  3. MAKE THIS CHURCH YOUR CHURCH: If you attend Nuvo, we want to invite you to be all in with us. We are building this together and would ask you to join us in making Nuvo your church. Join us in a mission to create space for people to explore and integrate faith. A place that looks like hope and feels like home. 

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