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Nuvo Kids is guaranteed to be the highlight of your kids week. Through activities, technology, music, and small groups, children have the opportunity to have fun while learning about God. We’ll help your child learn to make wise choices based on the what the writers of the Bible teach us, trust God no matter what, and treat others the way they want to be treated. Our volunteer teams are ready to create an incredible experience for your kids and help them develop in their faith and character. 


6 weeks - 2 Years Old

Your infants will experience a time of structured activities designed to help them have fun while learning the basics of fine motor skills and development. As your child moves through the nursery the will learn, grow, hear Bible stories even at a young age.


Paige Hayes is the Nuvo Kids Director. With a background in teaching in local schools, children's ministry, and helping children with special needs, she serves as the leader of the kids ministry at Nuvo. 

If you have any questions about Nuvo Kids, don't hesitate to contact our team so we can help make your kids experience great. 

You can reach out at


  • Yes! We're excited you're planning on joining us. You can pre-register your child by letting us know your coming with the Plan Your Visit form. 

  • All Nuvo Kids volunteers go through a background check, interview process, and are trained in their specific roles to make sure your child is both safe and having a great time. Nuvo also has local members of our police department onsite each service. We also follow a strict check-in process to ensure the safety of your child. You'll know our Nuvo Kids team by their teal shirts on Sunday mornings.

  • We would love to have your family attend a service. If you are planning on joining us and have a child with special needs, we would encourage you to fill out the Plan Your Visit form to let us know you're coming. This will give us the opportunity to make accommodations and work with you to ensure a great experience for your child. 


2 - 4 Years Old

Your toddlers will experience a fun environment designed to teach through song, story time, and fun activities. They will also have a small group leader guiding them through the day. 


1st Grade - 5th Grade

Elementary aged children will experience a time of fun music and a message designed specifically for them. Their small-group time provides a unique and immersive learning environment tailored just for your child.

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