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Hey, you made it! If you’re here, you most likely joined us at a recent Pop-Up, Zoom call, or event. (Or you're the one person who actually clicks “I’m Feeling Lucky” on Google.)


We know that visiting a church can feel a lot like going on a first date to a family reunion...a lot of people you’ve never met and are still deciding if you’ll ever see again. Our desire is to help you become a part of the community of Nuvo as fast as you’re ready to be. Below are a few things that can help you do just that! (Now if only we had grandma’s eclairs.)

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The app is where we stay connected, share funny moments, and encourage one another throughout the week. It’s also a great way to know what’s happening when. Here’s how to join…

  1. Download the “Church Center” app on iOS or Android

  2. Search for “Nuvo Church” when you open the app

  3. Enable Notifications so you don’t miss out on the conversation

  4. Click “Groups.” If you don’t immediately see the “Nuvo Community” group, use the “Find a Group” feature to join it!

  5. Feel free to introduce yourself in the Messages or just watch the conversation unfold if you’d rather.

Pro Tip: You can also see everything coming up at Nuvo in the Events tab of the app.


You’ll probably hear some of these phrases if you’re hanging out with us. Now you can use them with confidence!

Hover over each box for more information.



In-person, covid-conscious gatherings where we have fun, listen to a short message, and explore questions of life and faith together in conversation... Great kids environments are also available up to 5th grade. Pop-Ups typically take place every-other Sunday at 10am.





The most fun Zoom call you’ve ever experienced... At Team Nights, we discuss our hearts for Columbus, our plans for Nuvo, and the roles we all play in creating space for people to explore and integrate faith. Whether you’re on the Launch Team or just interested in learning more, this experience is designed for you! Team Nights typically take place every-other Tuesday night at 8pm.




The people who are building Nuvo Church so others in their lives can have space to explore faith... They serve regularly, intentionally invite others, and even give financially to bring vision into reality.




Similar to an “online service,” these are a rallying point for us where we consider a short message and reflect over music. Digital Experiences typically take place once a month on Facebook Live and YouTube. They’re a great way to introduce new people to Nuvo.

Pro Tip: We say stuff wrong all the time. If you’re ever unsure what we’re talking should definitely ask us because we probably messed it up anyway.


If you’re not following on social media, you may be missing out on some great conversations! Take a second to like, follow, and subscribe! Be sure to @ us as well so we can say hi!

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Pro Tip: Our social media team loves sharing pictures people post from our events. If your goal is to be internet famous, we’ll gladly do our part.


Email is still one of the best ways to stay up-to-date on everything going on. Be sure to subscribe for updates below…

Pro Tip: Check to make sure we’re not hitting that Spam folder! The worst.



You keep saying Nuvo is “launching.” What does that mean and when is it happening?

We’re launching Nuvo Church because we feel passionate about creating space for people with doubts and questions of faith. In many ways the heart of Nuvo already exists in the community of people who call it “home.” But we don’t plan to fully launch until September 2021. There’s nothing like seeing a new church be built from the ground up and we think this could be the most exciting time to join in!


Do I have to believe what you believe to be involved?

Nope. We exist for people with doubts and questions of faith. (Spoiler - We even have a few questions ourselves.) Our hope is that we would all lean further into the conversation about faith and integrate it into each area of our lives.


Is there an opportunity for me to give financially?

We’re able to launch Nuvo Church because of the generosity of incredible people like you. The most secure ways to give are online at or on the Give tab of the App.


Did this church really start in a dorm room in 2007?

Yes and no. In college, Patrick, Zach, and Ryan became passionate about creating spaces where people could explore faith. They dreamt of a place where anyone could engage regardless of what they looked like, thought, or believed. After college, they each worked for some incredible churches around the country. And in 2019 they began to feel strongly that it was time to re-engage those dorm room conversations together.


I have more questions...who can I ask?

We’d love to talk! Send an email to to start the conversation.

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